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Global Firepower - 2018 World Military Strength Rankings 
Reference detailing major and minor global military powers through accumulated statistics and...
by ThomasinaPaine • 26 views • 1 comments • 1 hour ago • category: Politics

The Only Way to Get This Video Game Achievement Is to Not Play It for 5 Years - Motherboard 
A special achievement in ‘The Stanley Parable’ has lain dormant for five years, just waiting...
by ThomasinaPaine • 26 views • 0 comments • 1 hour ago • category: Entertainment

After the Clinton Global Initiative: Mike Bloomberg is looking to take over New York's most elite co... 
The lineup and program imply that the September conference will be a globally minded gathering...
by sunshinedaydreams • 24 views • 5 comments • 2 hours ago • category: Politics

Media Ignores Big Opening and Critical Acclaim for 'Gosnell' Movie 
The new movie about Kermit Gosnell, the notorious Philadelphia late-term abortionist eventually...
by bondojoe • 64 views • 13 comments • 3 hours ago • category: Movies

‘White Whores’: Islam’s Unwavering View on Western Women - Raymond Ibrahim 
A British woman going by the pseudonym of Kate Elysia recently revealed the extent of her sexual...
by bondojoe • 44 views • 2 comments • 3 hours ago • category: Politics

Islam and a Woman's Place 
From her father to her brothers to her husband, a Muslim woman is the property of men in her life.
by bondojoe • 18 views • 0 comments • 3 hours ago • category: Politics

Bloomberg - Are you a robot? 
BANK OF AMERICA 28.90USD+0.37+1.30% A strong dollar is boosting the earnings of domestically...
by bondojoe • 18 views • 0 comments • 4 hours ago • category: Business

The National Debt and the Federal Deficit Skyrocketing. How It Affects You and What's the Differenc... 
WASHINGTON – The national debt is $21 trillion and counting. The federal deficit soared last...
by ThomasinaPaine • 23 views • 0 comments • 5 hours ago • category: Politics

International Women's Day: 9 most powerful Arab women in the world 
Be it in art, law, business, policy or government; these Arab women top the global power lists....
by 👽GEMINI👽 • 17 views • 1 comments • 5 hours ago • category: General

GOP tax cuts added hundreds of billions to the national debt. Now Mitch McConnell wants to slash ent... 
Remember When Republicans Called the Deficit ‘Immoral’? All signs point to the $1.5...
by ThomasinaPaine • 41 views • 3 comments • 6 hours ago • category: Politics

Donald Trump: Media Helping Russia 'Sow Chaos and Discord' 
President Donald Trump accused the media and Democrats of helping the Russians further divide the...
by Bread&Circuses • 24 views • 1 comments • 6 hours ago • category: Politics

Betsy DeVos Just Bought Herself a Trump Cabinet Position – Rolling Stone 
It cost her $115,000 in personal donations to sitting Republican senators; $950,000 more has...
by ThomasinaPaine • 38 views • 3 comments • 7 hours ago • category: Politics

Fed Minutes Indicate Central Bank Plans to Keep Hiking Rates, No Threat to Economy from Trade War wi... 
President Donald Trump’s view that the Federal Reserve is putting economic growth at risk by...
by Bread&Circuses • 19 views • 0 comments • 7 hours ago • category: Business

11 Ethical Brands Producing Organic Activewear, Yoga Wear and Athleisure Clothing 
Love a good workout but can't do synthetic fabrics? Prefer to wear organic natural fibres for...
by 👽GEMINI👽 • 22 views • 0 comments • 7 hours ago • category: Health

‘Walk Away’ Founder Refused Service at Manhattan Electronics Store 
#tolerance #wemayactlikenazisbutyouretheracists
by BrunoAxemaker • 43 views • 1 comments • 8 hours ago • category: Politics

US unemployment rate falls to the lowest level since 1969 
The US unemployment rate in September fell to 3.7%, its lowest level since December 1969.
by bondojoe • 46 views • 3 comments • 8 hours ago • category: Politics

Donald Trump is indisputably the worst president in American history 
Official site of The Week Magazine, offering commentary and analysis of the day's breaking news...
by ThomasinaPaine • 161 views • 34 comments • 9 hours ago • category: Politics

'Horseface': Does it matter that Trump ridicules women? 
Suffice it to say that "Horseface" and porn actress Stormy Daniels aren't what Republicans want...
by ThomasinaPaine • 40 views • 3 comments • 9 hours ago • category: Politics

Trump has the opportunity to solidify his position as the most successful president ever in his firs... 
On one level, it sounds crazy. The president has spent year one mired in controversy over crazy...
by BrunoAxemaker • 55 views • 8 comments • 9 hours ago • category: Politics

Stocks come back from early losses as trading remains shaky 
U.S. stocks have mostly recovered from an early loss Wednesday as banks trade higher, canceling...
by ThomasinaPaine • 17 views • 0 comments • 9 hours ago • category: Business